We are Never Easy BBQ from Des Moines, IA. We have been an Iowa BBQ Store sponsored team since the beginning of the 2020 season. Our team consists of Joe Osbrink and Ted Ross. We started bbqing on a cheap little bullet smoker in 2015 and were immediately hooked. We competed for the first time in 2016 and haven't looked back since. In 2017 and 2018 we finished 2nd in the Iowa BBQ Society Backyard Team of the Year standings. In 2019 we became the Iowa BBQ Society Backyard Team of the Year winning each category and overall. We began competing full time on the KCBS Master Series in 2020 and were able to win 2020 Iowa BBQ Society Pro Chicken Team of the Year.
We are very excited to represent the Iowa BBQ Store and #CornCookers

2020 IBS Pro Chicken Team of the Year
2019 IBS Backyard Team of the Year
2019 IBS Backyard Ribs Team of the Year
2019 IBS Backyard Chicken Team of the Year
2018 IBS Backyard Chicken Team of the Year

Some of my favorite products:
Blues Hog sauces and lump charcoal
Heavy Smoke Black Label. This rub is good on absolutely anything but is especially dynamite on brisket.
Kosmos Q Prime Injection 

Also in #CornCookers

Gothic Town Grillers
Gothic Town Grillers

We are the Gothic Town Grillers. We are a family with an extreme
passion for BBQ. The team includes my wife Roxy and I, my 2 sons Tyler
and Ryan along with their wives Carrie and Kim, also 4 lovely
granddaughters Jaden, Lilah, Violet and Ava. We live in Eldon Iowa home
of the American Gothic House which is in Grant Woods Painting “The
American Gothic” hence the name we use Gothic Town Grillers. We have
been competing since 2009 averaging about 10 competitions a year. We
are pleased to join and represent The Iowa BBQ Store and #CornCookers

We love the BBQ family we have come to know and are still meeting. We
are ready for another year of Queing and hope to meet some of you soon.
Enjoy the 2021 Season!!

Accomplishments include,
Over 100 contests
Over 150 Top Ten calls
4 Grand Championships
10 Reserve Grands
2015 1 st Place TOY Brisket in the Budweiser Worldwide Series of BBQ.
2015 1 st Place TOY Pork in the Iowa BBQ Society.
2018 1 st Place TOY Pork in the Iowa BBQ Society.
2018 1 st Place TOY Ribs in the Iowa BBQ Society.

Basically all of the products we use from Killer Hogs seasoning to Blues
Hog Sauces and rubs can be found on line or in person at the Iowa BBQ

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Matty Mack's
Matty Mack's

Matty Mack's is a semi professional competition bbq team headed up by Matt and MacKenzie Fisher from Cedar Rapids IA. 2021 will be our third and best year yet. Looking forward to partnering with teams around the state to promote and strengthen our passion for food and fun.

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Bergey Boys Blazin BBQ
Bergey Boys Blazin BBQ

Bergey Boys Blazing BBQ is a competition BBQ team based out of southeastern Minnesota. Our addiction for competition BBQ began in 2014 when we entered our hometown BBQ contest with only two weeks’ notice. Our team originated with 3 brothers: Brock, Brandon, and Brady; along with our father, Donnie. In 2020, Kelly began assisting Brady with more contests and has become
a valuable part of the team. Our daughter, Madelyn is the head cook of Kids Que team, UniQue and even at her young age, has found success on the competition circuit. Our son, Braxton will be ready to compete soon as well. Brock, Brandon, and Donnie along with the rest of the Bergey family still attend contests whenever their schedules allow.  We are very excited to partner and represent the Iowa Barbecue Store as a sponsored team in 2021. Go get em’ Team Corn Cookers!!

2020 Accomplishments:
IBS Pro Fifth Place Overall Brisket
The Real Squeal BBQ Smoke Off; 2 nd Place Brisket
Bring’n Home The Bacon; 9 th Place Brisket (Day 1); 6 th Place Pork (Day 2)
Smokin’ In The Bogs; 4 th Place Pork; 10 th Place Brisket
Half Way to St. Pats; 5 th Place Brisket

Some of our favorite products (all of which can be found at the Iowa Barbecue Store) are:
Kosmos Q Competition Sauce
EAT BBQ Sauces & Rubs

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