Joe Goedken & Geoff Jensen Prince Stoecker BBQ Co. is the exceptional byproduct of BALD meeting BBQ.  What Pitmasters Joe and Geoff lack in hair, they make up for in succulent BBQ.  Their genetic predisposition for smoked meats, and their competition name, “Prince Stoecker” is born from their childhood roots and humble barbeque beginnings in Grinnell, Iowa.   Geoff and Joe attended Bailey Park Elementary School together, where Joe grew up on Prince Street and Geoff grew up on Stoecker Street.   After many years of “impressing” their friends and families with their obvious command of their respective cookers, they finally embarked on competitive cooking in 2020.  It started with a bang, when they were awarded Grand Champions of their very first competition.  The rest is history, but their meats are your future.  Prince Stoecker BBQ Co. – “Just like BBQ, only better.”

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Phoenix BBQ
Phoenix BBQ

Jen and Steve Lauer attended their first contest in 2012. It only took one time and they were hooked. After a friend nicknamed their homemade offset smoker “the Phoenix”, Phoenix BBQ came to be. The following year they attended a KCBS Certified Barbeque Judge class and started judging as well. Since that time, they have competed or judged over 60 events. Their children (Hanna, Alex and Sam) attend many of the events with them and compete in the kidsQ events as well. When not traveling the highways searching out a BBQ comp in the Midwest, they can be found at their home in Stillwater, MN.

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Smokehouse 72
Smokehouse 72

Team Smokehouse 72 BBQ. We are probably the most veteran 1 year under Iowa Smokey D's. Which by the way who I started with. We are now a team of four. Ray Ringgenberg, Jay Ringgenebrg (co-head head cooks and owners) and Rick Dodd and Rick Mattes. We cook mainly Iowa, Wisconsin. Nebraska and Missouri is our go too states. We hope you consider us as an ambassbor to BBQ and to your BBQ team.  Also founders and promoters of Frostbuster BBQ that ran for 10 years.

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Gothic Town Grillers
Gothic Town Grillers

We are the Gothic Town Grillers. We are a family with an extreme
passion for BBQ. The team includes my wife Roxy and I, my 2 sons Tyler
and Ryan along with their wives Carrie and Kim, also 4 lovely
granddaughters Jaden, Lilah, Violet and Ava. We live in Eldon Iowa home
of the American Gothic House which is in Grant Woods Painting “The
American Gothic” hence the name we use Gothic Town Grillers. We have
been competing since 2009 averaging about 10 competitions a year. We
are pleased to join and represent The Iowa BBQ Store and #CornCookers

We love the BBQ family we have come to know and are still meeting. We
are ready for another year of Queing and hope to meet some of you soon.
Enjoy the 2021 Season!!

Accomplishments include,
Over 100 contests
Over 150 Top Ten calls
4 Grand Championships
10 Reserve Grands
2015 1 st Place TOY Brisket in the Budweiser Worldwide Series of BBQ.
2015 1 st Place TOY Pork in the Iowa BBQ Society.
2018 1 st Place TOY Pork in the Iowa BBQ Society.
2018 1 st Place TOY Ribs in the Iowa BBQ Society.

Basically all of the products we use from Killer Hogs seasoning to Blues
Hog Sauces and rubs can be found on line or in person at the Iowa BBQ

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