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Super Simple Leg Day

Super Simple Leg Day

Super Simple Leg Day 


  • 8-16 Chicken Legs ( we prefer Smart Chicken ) 
  • 1 stick of Butter
  • Corncookers Rubs: Poultrygist & Poultrygist Returns 
  • Sauce of Choice (if your into that):  Warehouse Real OG 

Light/start your smoker - Ideal temp 275-300.  We’ve found the Gateway Drum works best for this recipe, but they’re killer on whatever smoker/cooker you got! 

Pat your legs dry, season liberally with Poultrygist, and give them a light dusting of Poultrygeist Returns.  Let the seasoning set up for about 15 minutes while refrigerated!

Put your legs on the smoker for 30 minutes to let that seasoning tack up!  

Add the legs to a pan with your sliced up butter lining the outsides and cover the pan.  Back on the smoker for another 45 minutes. 

Remove from smoker.  Crack the corner of the foil to let the steam vent.  Dip your Chicken in the sauce (preferably warm the sauce prior to dipping so we don’t shock the chicken) and place back on smoker for 5 minutes. 


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