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Team Some Assembly Required (Team SAR) is Tacticalories' longest running non-profit partner. As long-time fans and supporters of Team Some Assembly Required ( Team SAR), we knew it was only a matter of time before we'd work on a collaboration together. That time has come!

NUB RUB is our take on a classic "Shawarma" blend. Shawarma flavor is a Middle Eastern favorite. It combines native spices that season chicken, beef, or lamb with a distinct "street meat" flavor. Traditionally, this meat is cooked slowly over a rotisserie or spit but even without a rotisserie, NUB RUB will make you feel like you’re at a street fair in the Middle East. Rub the NUB RUB seasoning on meat, then roast or grill until the outside is a crisp.

NUB RUB is custom crafted in small-batches in our Rochester, New York manufacturing facility.