BPS Sweet Money Hot

Big Poppa Smokers

Sweet Money Hot brings the sweet and savory flavors of Sweet Money with an extra touch of heat for a perfectly blended sweet heat seasoning.

Sweet Money has been hot on the competition BBQ circuit and at backyard cookouts since it first hit the market. Now this savory and sweet blend just got hotter.

Big Poppa's Sweet Money Hot Seasoning brings you the balanced flavor of high quality honey, sea salt, garlic and more with a bigger kick of paprika and jalapeno heat. Sweet Money Hot is  formulated to give your pork, chicken and beef an even bigger boost of flavor with it's blend of ingredients. This seasoning has been tried and tested by professional cooks on the competition circuit and has proven to boost the flavor of recipes every time. Try Sweet Money Hot on your pork rubs, chicken thighs, tritip, pork chops and more. This versatile blend can be used in the kitchen, in the backyard and we can confidently say, it'll be a competition BBQ favorite. 

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