Meat Revival Beef Injection & Marinade

Lotta Bull

The Meat Revival Beef Injection and Marinade is the brain child of Mike Davis from Lotta Bull BBQ, and Kevin Jaques of the University of Que. The injection or marinade imparts a deep rich natural beef flavor that enhances any cut of beef.  The Meat Revival Beef Injection and Marinade is the best injection and marinade on the market today, winning brisket competitions for teams all over the circuit!  This was created to help revive your beef, and the injection packs more flavor and moisture into your brisket to leave judges and guests wanting more.

To mix, combine 1/4 cup of Meat Revival Beef Injection and Marinade with a 10oz can of beef consume and 10oz of room temperature filtered water.  Shake well to incorporate and refrigerate.  Inject brisket on a checkerboard pattern to keep injection spaced evenly.  

Lotta Bull Championship BBQ Team Awards: Winning KCBS Team of the year , and multiple awards at the American Royal Invitational. 

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