STEAK SZN: Break 4 HB250PRO + Blues Hog Briquettes

Iowa BBQ Store

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You're purchasing 1 of 25spots in one of our BBQ Breaks.  Each spot gives you the chance at a Hasty Bake 250PRO + 1 BAG BLUES HOG BRIQUETTES.  Each spot is $25.  Once all 25 spots are full we will break live in the Iowa BBQ Store #CornCookers Group.  

Bonus:  If you invite someone to the group and they join a break, you'll receive a $5 break credit to be used anytime.  There is no limit on the number of people you can invite and/or receive credit for.  You must email to notify any invitees so you can get your credit.

 We can arrange for shipping if winner is unable to pick up.

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