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Stoaked BBQ Pellets


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• As you grill or smoke, STOAKED unlocks the same
sensational natural flavors as when master barrel makers
“toast” their barrel interior. Subtle hints of vanilla, caramel,
almond, clove, dill, and coconut flavorings become unlocked.
• STOAKED is made only from our select wood stock alone,
giving us total food-grade quality control from start to finish.
• No additives, no bark, no filler, ever. Expect the same great
results every time.
• Don’t be misled by those who pelletize used barrels. The
wood’s natural flavorings have diffused into the wine or
whiskey being aged. Makes a good story, but the flavors have
left the barrel.
• STOAKED is a premium pellet brand at a sweet-spot price.
• Proudly made in the USA by a family-owned company.
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