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Dusty Ware & Sam Heinrichs

Dusty competed in KCBS Contest in 2008-2011 under the name "Beach Body BBQ".  One of the biggest mistakes to ever happen to us was getting a 3rd Place Pork call in a loaded field at our very first contest in 2008.  Dusty thought he was on top of the world and this was so easy.....wrong!  Dusty took a break from competition BBQ to pursue some other ideas and in 2019 Dusty thought he wanted to get back in to comp BBQ.  His business partner Sam loves BBQ (and is the organized one) so hell let's give this competition BBQ thing another go-around now that we have more time.  That's when Darty-Q was born!  Darty-Q is the brainchild of Iowa BBQ Store owners Dusty Ware & Sam Heinrichs. 

In our first contest after an 8 year break we took 9th place ribs at the 2019 Rose Festival and we took 7th place Ribs in the 2020 Real Squeal Contest.  Needless to say we like to cook ribs and the other meats we can talk about later!  

Dusty and Sam are both on the Ottumwa Smoketoberfest Board which has quickly grown in to one of the largest and most sought after KCBS Contests in the Midwest!

If you're day drinking it's a Darty, anything else is just a lame party!


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Never Easy BBQ
Never Easy BBQ

We are Never Easy BBQ from Des Moines, IA. We have been an Iowa BBQ Store sponsored team since the beginning of the 2020 season. Our team consists of Joe Osbrink and Ted Ross. We started bbqing on a cheap little bullet smoker in 2015 and were immediately hooked. We competed for the first time in 2016 and haven't looked back since. In 2017 and 2018 we finished 2nd in the Iowa BBQ Society Backyard Team of the Year standings. In 2019 we became the Iowa BBQ Society Backyard Team of the Year winning each category and overall. We began competing full time on the KCBS Master Series in 2020 and were able to win 2020 Iowa BBQ Society Pro Chicken Team of the Year.
We are very excited to represent the Iowa BBQ Store and #CornCookers

2020 IBS Pro Chicken Team of the Year
2019 IBS Backyard Team of the Year
2019 IBS Backyard Ribs Team of the Year
2019 IBS Backyard Chicken Team of the Year
2018 IBS Backyard Chicken Team of the Year

Some of my favorite products:
Blues Hog sauces and lump charcoal
Heavy Smoke Black Label. This rub is good on absolutely anything but is especially dynamite on brisket.
Kosmos Q Prime Injection 

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